FAQ – Fast Answers Question about Halong bay Tours

Halong Bay is one of the Natural World Heritage sites and the Vietnam top’s attraction. Legend said that Halong Bay is the place “where the dragon descends into the sea”. Halong bay has an area of around 1,553 km2, including 1,960 islets, most of which are limestone.

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Question: How long does it takes from Hanoi to Halong bay?

Answer:    It takes 3 hours to get Halong city from Hanoi, one stopover.

Question: Do we have to bring passport for sleeping aboard?

Answer:    Yes you do have to bring it with you on boat and please provide us your full names, gender, passport number, visa expire date before your departure to Halong Bay.

Tip: Each boat/junk has it own safety box, please do leave your valuable belongings in this safety box so that you can have more fun visiting cave, swimming…

Halong bay
Halong bay

Question: Does the boat rock or shake during the night?

Answer:    No. 1600 islands provide natural shelter in Halong bay, so it’s quite calm.

Question: Does the tour go to Cat Ba Island?

Answer:    During the 2 days tour you’ll cruise along part of Cat Ba Island, but there is not stop. The only stop to Cat Ba Island is for trekking in the National Park on the 3 days tour. Price tour can be arranged as your request.

Question: Where do I sleep on the boat?

Answer:    All the junks we provide has equipped cabins with en-suite bathroom and Fan or air-condition . .

Question: Where does the tour depart from and return to?

Answer:    All of our Halong Bay tours depart from our office or pick up from your hotels as your request.

Question: Can I sleep on the deck? Are there mosquito nets on the deck?

Halong bay
Halong bay

Answer:    Yes, you can sleep on the upper deck if you wish, there are comfortable lounge chairs there. There are no mosquito nets available on the deck.

Question: Are there lifejackets onboard? Will they fit children?

Answer:    The Junk is fully equipped with all the latest safety gear and each cabin has lifejackets. There are also life buoys suitable for children.

Question: What kind of food on boat in Halong Bay?

Answer:    Most of the meals offered with seafood as Halong Bay specialty is seafood; there is lots of sea dishes combined with traditional Vietnamese food, I’m sure you will like the food on boat, if you are allergic with seafood, please inform your meal preference to our tour operator before your departure to Halong Bay

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