Restaurants in Halong city

Many tourists, who have visited Halong, are impressed by the delicious seafood served there. For Halong, this is a potential which has been well-developed and exploited for tourism by travel agencies in Halong.

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Co Ngu Restaurant

Add: Premium Villas, Halong Road, Bai Chay, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

Tel:+84 33 3511363   +84 33 3511363

Fax:+84 33 3515363

European restaurants in Halong city

  1. Hoang Gia

In the area of the park, Halong Street, Baichay

Tel: (84-33)3845913

Heritage Halong Restaurant
Heritage Halong Restaurant
  1. Heritage Halong Restaurant in the Heritage Hotel,

Halong Street, Baichay

Tel:( 84-33)3845020

  1. Halong Plaza Restaurant in the Halong Plaza Hotel

Tel: (84-33)3845810

  1. Halong Restaurant in the Halong Hotel


  1. Bachdang Restaurant in the Bachdang Hotel

Tel: (84-33)3846330

Chinese Restaurants

Quan Hai Lau
Quan Hai Lau

Quan Hai Lau: Next to Bai Chay Tourist Wharf


The restaurant has 250 seats, (in different rooms,) it offers menu service with Chinese dishes and a Chinese chef.

Seafood specialty restaurants

  1. Sea Food Restaurant in Halong Street, Baichay

Tel: (84-33)3845822

  1. Thu Huong Restaurant, in Halong Street, Baichay

Tel: (84-33)3845142

  1. Bin Bop Restaurant in group 10, zone 1, Tran Hung Dao Ward

Tel: (84-33)3627686

  1. Noi Nho Restaurant, Tran Hung Dao Street


Bien Xanh Restaurant
Bien Xanh Restaurant
  1. Bien Xanh Restaurant, No. 8 Le Thanh Tong Street

Tel: (84-33)3825112

Apart from the restaurants on the mainland, customers can contact the floating restaurants if they want to have an appetizing meal on the sea:

  1. Bien Mo floating Restaurants

 No 1 and No 2, belong to Quangninh Marine Products Export Company.

Customer reception at 35 Bentau Road, Halong

Tel: (84-33)3828951; 3825196

Fax: (84-33)3826683

Visitors can also arrange with the tourist boat owners to have an appetizing meal aboard ship.

  • Specialties: arca, oysters, shellfish

– “Shellfish supermarket” at Caidam area, 2km from Baichay Tourist Wharf. It is an attractive place for tourists in the evening.

– Next to Long Tien Pagoda (near Halong Market), open most of the night.

  • Popular rice and noodle restaurants: (with seafood)\

– On the lower part of Vuondao slope, near Baichay Post Office.

– Along Hangnoi Street, Bendoan area and LongTien Pagoda.


Apart from bars and cafes in the larger hotels, there are many other cafes:

  1. Trung Nguyen Café

No 1, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Halong City.

  1. Trung Nguyen café

No 2, Cong Doan Hotel, Halong Street, Baichay.

  1. Thang Long Hotel: House on Stilts café, “ruou can” (rice wine drunk out of a jar through pipes).

Tel: (84-33)3847276

  1. Noinho Café, 10 Tran Hung Dao Road, Halong City

Tel: (84-33)3628027/3629128.

There are numerous cafés and refreshment locations in Halong Street (Baichay) and Le Thanh Tong Street (Hongai).

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