Tuan Chau Island Recreation

Tuan Chau island’s name is the combination between ‘linh tuan’ (the patrolman) and ‘tri chau’ (district chief) because in the feudal time, the royal army set up a guard station here to patrol and defend the borderland. Prior to 1999, the island’s residents suffered from a very modest living standard.

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The first project of great significance

There was no power network and no clean water. Roads were only trails and there was no mechanical means of transportation. Tuan Chau was a very poor town where fishing with very rudimentary tools is the only means of living.

Tuan Chau Island Recreation
Tuan Chau Island Recreation

The first project of great significance was to link Tuan Chau and the National Highway No18 by building a road. The work was officially started on February 28th, 1998. All company staff had to overcome numerous hardships to achieve this difficult task, which translated people’s dream into reality.

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Well-known destinations

Tuan Chau has become well- known to both international and domestic tourists as an attractive destination with:

Tuan Chau Island Recreation
Tuan Chau Island Recreation

– a dolphin&seal club

– a circus

– a crocodile club

– an (artificial) beach with 4 km long.

– a Vietnamese culinary area

– a hotel and resort area of 5-star standard (200 rooms)

– a water recreation park with activities such as motor racing, canoeing, parachuting, water skiing, etc.

– Halong Bay sight- seeing services by canoe, boat, helicopter.

– a high tech water fountain with music playing, laser lighting and film projecting on water screens.

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