Places of Interests

Divine Fortress

Located in populations world-famous scenic Halong Bay, Cat Ba island is considered the jewel of Vietnam. It is famous as one of the legends of the island jewel of thousands were cast into the sea forming Halong Bay. Cat Ba is the place between the forest and the sea blend to create a one of

Ngoc Vung Island – Obscure fairyland

Halong Travel with numerous wonderful destinations attractive to tourists, but in which there is a place which is quite rustic and peaceful like fairyland not many tourists known >>Visiting flower villages in Quang Ninh >>The romantic beauty of flower villages in Hoanh Bo Ngoc Vung Island Ngoc Vung Island is also called as Pearl Island by

Nam spring in Halong Bay

Located in Viet Hung ward (Halong city), Nam spring is a natural landscape, with crystal-clear lakes, cool water, murmuring streams derived from deep forests making up a beautiful landscape. >>Travelling Cat Ba in winter >>Soi Sim Beach The location of Nam spring In fact, just a few dozen kilometers meters from the center of Halong

Visiting flower villages in Quang Ninh

Not only the traditional flower villages such as Dong Che, Le Loi, Thong Nhat, coming to Hoanh Bo, you’ll have the opportunity to visit high-tech center of the flower of investors. >>The romantic beauty of flower villages in Hoanh Bo >>Tuan Chau beach High-tech orchid farm in Dong Ho It is the high-tech orchid farm

The romantic beauty of flower villages in Hoanh Bo

For a long time ago, Hoanh Bo has been considered as the biggest flower supplier of Quang Ninh. In recent years, the traditional flower villages and farms in Hoanh Bo district have become the popular destination of many tourists in Tet holidays. >>Travelling Cat Ba in winter >>Soi Sim Beach Hoanh Bo flower villages Hoanh

Opening Ngoa Van Spring Festival 2016

On January 21st, 2016, the People’s Committee of Dong Trieu town, Department of Information – Communications of Quang Ninh province and the Executive Board of the Buddhist organization of Quang Ninh held a press conference to announce plans to organize Ngoa Van Spring Festival 2016 and the inauguration of Ngoa Van pagoda (Dong Trieu town). >>Visiting

Travelling Cat Ba in winter

Most people are used to thinking that the sea is only suitable for summer vacations. However, traveling to Cat Ba in winter, visitors can discover the numerous interesting and unique things that can not feel when coming in summer when the sea resorts are overloaded, especially on weekends. >>Soi Sim Beach >>Tuan Chau beach Why

Soi Sim Beach

Location Soi Sim Beach is a small island, which located 12km west of Halong City. With the area of 8.7 hectare, the beach and the island has very special geological formation in which 2/3 covered by Feralit and soil weathered by wind. It also includes a primitive forest with varieties of flora and fauna, and

Tuan Chau beach

Location Some 8 km away from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf, Tuan Chau is a sandy artificial beach which stretches over 3 km. Heading to the holiday resort in Tuan Chau Island Resort, besides swimming, tourists can enjoy such fascinating extras as sightseeing,entertainment, and sports activities, including climbing or camping in the eco-tourism zone. Tuan

Dinh Huong islet

Location Dinh Huong Islet (Incense Burner Islet) is so-called Lu Huong Islet. It’s located in the southwest of Dau Go Island (about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf, Halong). Dinh Huong Islet is one of the attractions in Halong Bay, it can be found on the way to Thien Cung Cave and Titop Beach. The islet consists of only one